A/B Testing for Open Rates Optimization

The open rate is one of the most important metrics of email marketing. Your emails contain important information; they deliver news about transactional info, money-saving promotions, new product arrivals, and helpful business updates. But unless your emails are opened, your subscribers will never realize the true value of your messages. A great way to boost your open rates is to run A/B experiments. But what elements should you test? To answer that question, let’s first review what actually affects your open rates.

1. Send time: What time are you landing in their inbox?

The best send time will vary greatly by industry. For example, B2B businesses may benefit from sending emails during business hours, whereas consumer brands can send emails earlier in the day for customers to read during their morning commute, or later at night, when people are relaxing on the couch with their iPads. The only way to find the best send time for your company is to test it.

2. Sender name: Who is sending the email?

A personal sender name can definitely affect your open rates. Wrapp, an Iterable client, performed a simple A/B test comparing four different sender names, and the results were eye-opening. The friendly sender name “Lisa from Wrapp” outperformed the sender names “H&M via Wrapp”, “H&M on Wrapp”, “Wrapp” and “Sura from Wrapp” (control).  By using the optimized sender name, Wrapp was able to boost open rates from 11.85% to 20.35%, a 71.83% improvement!

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New Features: Cohort Analysis, Segment.io and Mixpanel Integration

We’re always cooking up something good at Iterable to make your emails even more powerful. Check out our three new features: cohort analysis, Segment.io integration and Mixpanel integration.

Cohort Analysis

Screenshot 2014-03-13 16.10.24 (1)

In the Iterable Campaign Metrics view, you can now easily compare opens, clicks, unsubscribe rates or other metrics across different subscriber groups. The following example compares metrics for subscribers in different timezones.

Sample use case: Compare email open rates for subscribers in different states. Consider creating separate campaigns with more targeted messaging in the subject line and preheader for lower performing states.

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5 Quick Responsive Email Design Tips for Mobile

If you’re like me, you begin each morning by checking your phone, then again during your morning commute while waiting for the bus, a couple dozen more times throughout the day and of course, one last time before falling asleep.


And if you’re not like me, perhaps these 3 mobile email facts will convince you the importance of responsive, device-friendly email design:

Okay, okay, so optimizing email for mobile is important, but how do you achieve responsive email design? Here are 5 quick guidelines for making sure your emails look great across all devices.

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New Features: Subscriber Lookup, Data Feed Support and More

We’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks, and we’re excited to announce 4 new Iterable features, designed to make your email optimization experience even better!

Subscriber lookup by email

You can now look up individual subscriber details (emails sent, open history, open locations, etc) by email address.

In the ‘Segment Subscribers’ view, use the ‘Email Lookup’ function to search for a specific subscriber.


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Email Marketing, It’s A Lot Like Dating

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re going to make a cheesy analogy: email marketing is a lot like dating. First, you woo the individual into joining your mailing list. Next, you get to know each other and learn about the subscriber’s preferences. Sometimes it gets rough and you have to prove your worth. In the end, the relationship may or may not work out, but there are ways to heal and deal with the loss. Here we uncover the 4 stages of an email marketing relationship.

1. Nurture the new subscriber relationship

I wonder if she’s into me...

I wonder if she’s into me…

Congrats, you have a new signup! This lovely lady or gent wants to stay in the loop about your company, product, or service and looks forward to your exciting promotions in his/her inbox. The relationship is new, exciting and the potential is unlimited, but how do you nurture this new development to make sure it is mutually rewarding, valuable and long-lasting?

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